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One of the most popular shows from HBO this year is Silicon Valley, the story of a group of engineers in California's actual Silicon Valley who form a startup (Pied Piper) and are trying to make it in the big leagues. This season, VARIDESK had the opportunity to outfit the fictional Pied Piper office with a variety of products both new and old. Check out the desks and accessories that were featured and see if you can spot them through the rest of season three.

Pro Plus 36™


The Pro Plus 36 is our most popular model. It is featured in both white and black, comes fully assembled, and fits on most stand desks. There is a two-tier design that allows you to have your laptop and monitors on a separate level from your mouse and keyboard.

Pro Plus 48™


The Pro Plus 48 is our largest desk in the Pro Plus Series, featuring the same two-tier design. If you have more monitors or simply need more space than when the Pro Plus 36 can offer, this is a great option. It is also available in both white and black and comes fully assembled.

Pro Desk 60™ Darkwood

Our newest model featured on the show is the Pro Desk 60 Darkwood. This desk was originally created as a prototype for Silicon Valley, but you can now have one of your own. The large work surface gives you room for multiple monitors, extra hardware and all your accessories. Assembly only takes a few minutes with no tools required. If the darker wood color isn’t your style, you can check out our new Pro Desk 60 Bamboo for a lighter feel.

Monitor Arms

Our monitor arms can also be seen attached to many of the desks this season. The one inch clamps fit onto all VARIDESK models and many other standard desks, while the arms allow you to move your monitor in whatever position is most comfortable for you. We also give you the option of a single arm or dual arm depending on how many monitors you have.


Be sure to check out the rest of season three of Silicon Valley on HBO and check out our new products on our website. To read more about why sit stand desks are sweeping across offices around the world (especially in Silicon Valley) check out the rest of our blog.